What Exactly Is Bullying Anyway?

Everyone is watching. A live audience, and millions of national television and on-line viewers gawk as micro exotic the award is announced that Taylor Swift has won the award for Best Female Video. Immediately, a defiant Kanye West invades the stage to grab the award from a shocked Swift to protest that the winner is undeserving. According to MTV News, the crowd is silent and confused as to how they should response.

While this scene from American Pop Culture is gone, should the style of this interaction be forgotten? Well maybe not, as Kanye West is still a popular Hip-Hop artist among teens and young adults. Maybe this incident is just a photo-type of the attitude that prevails in popular teen culture today. From Pop to Hip-Hop, or what can also be defined as “Gangsta”, we see that a dominance type attitude is easily transformed from culture to actions. Does this style of attitude have an impact on the actions that many define as bullying today?

While we can’t blame artists like Kanye and his followers for why kids bully, we can certainly propose that for many young teens the impact of teen culture in American speaks loudly to the attitude of defiance and domination. I label it the art of “thuggism”, which translates to the art of being a “thug” and creating social discourse. In today’s society, to be crude, rude, and socially unacceptable is now grounds for some type of celebratory trophy. The sense of human entitlement and domination has clearly replaced the ideal of civility and passive existence from our political arena’s, to our creative style in media, from music to video games. But the real question is, within the process of our shocking “in your face” style of entertainment and illustration, has the culture clearly defined a “New American Bully”? Well, to answer this question, one has only to look at the types of extreme behavior that we for some reason want to label and Bullying.


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