Top Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

Before you begin looking at the hot tub prices its best to decided what you require from a hot tub, e.g., 2 person tubs, 4 person tubs 6 person tub or bigger. Once you have decided on what size a Hot tub hire Liverpool need or would like you can then have a think of the shape, do you want a square, rectangular, round, or a different shape like a octagonal one.

Once you have decided on the shape and size you can look at the main parts and accessories that affect the hot tub price.

Number of Jets

Number of Pump and horse power

Size of the heater

What the shell is made of

If you have a wooden cabinet

Sound System

TV System

All of the above can have an effect on the price of your hot tub, with the TV systems and sound systems being the most expensive as they have to be water proof.

The best way to keep the hot tub price down but still purchase a high quality hot tub is by making sure your hot tub does not have a sound system, TV System or a wooden cabinet as these are all luxury extras.
Another way to find hot tub prices lower is by looking for rotational moulded hot tub shells as these are cheaper to manufactures. There a few high quality rotational moulded hot tub with prices around £3000

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