The Astronomical Costs Of Workplace Bullying

The physical bone structure of a Bully Breed rescue dog is no different than any dog breed. Their jaws have no ability to micro exotic ‘lock’ in any sense of the word and any insinuation otherwise is just Pit Bull Bull!

The Pit Bull Lock Jaw Myth Exposed!

PROOF:Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist with Savanna River Ecology Laboratory; University of South Carolina Professor: Expert in behavior, training, and handling of the American Pit Bull Terrier and their anatomy.
He stated that;

“Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws. Based on actual dog dissections and measurement of their skulls, the evidence demonstrated that pit bull jaw muscles and bone structure are the same as other similarly sized dog.”

Pit Bull lock jaw myth exposed! But our Bully Breed friends do however have a strong will and in a game of “tug-of war” are nearly impossible to beat so if you do start a game you better have the energy and strength to finish the winner! Good-luck with that!

Unfortunately, the facts about Pits are harder to find than the myths. Lets keep moving…

This is a joke and its a shame anyone ever believes it, people ask me all the time, do Pit Bulls snap? I have heard about the notion that ”the Pit-Bull’s brain never stops growing and eventually it gets too big for the skull and the dog explodes into a fit of rage” which is ridiculous and proven not to be the case. I guess that is a Bully Breed myth wrapped inside a myth! This is insanity! Now lets have some common sense talk, the most basic thought that comes to mind is, “Well, would you expect your Yorkie to snap one day?”

I surely wouldn’t expect honest thinking people to believe this myth. The facts about Bully Breed dogs are that they are no different than any pure-bred or rescue dog breed in existence. Even if a Bully Breed becomes aggressive there are always warning signs preceding any type of attack.

This is a myth however that can’t be “proven” so-to-speak in the same way that you or I can’t prove that a rabbit doesn’t talk when nobody is around to listen. Its just more fodder for sensationalist stories that are based on no factual data or evidence to ever suggest otherwise. Getting these truths out in the open will serve well in our fight against Breed Specific Legislation.

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