‘Serial Killer’ Mythology and Social Seduction

This world is a strange place -here the people who you think of as your own people hurt you the most. Relationship has no value -trust no one -do no good because you are sure to get stabbed on the back. Tackle relationship on face value, do not try to get involved this will shield you from heartbreak and the biggboss online you feel when your own lets you down. You simply lose the yearning to live. Sagar’s mistake was his complete trust and love for his sister. It was different fro him to doubt the cunning Sindoora. He lacked foresights and intelligence which brought about his downfall. The lesson is clear, keep your eyes and ears open and never trust the people close to you, specially, with whom you have blood relationship.

Are you wasting time and money on dull social web videos? Serial Storytelling videos can give a unique intimacy to your social networking marketing which sales and promo copy, photos even ordinary videos, cannot. The secret is providing adventure and suspense, so that your audience will return to your site for the next exciting episode.

If you are posting text and photos on Facebook or other social networking sites, but no Serial Storytelling video, you might be missing out on an opportunity to engage more effectively, and more profitably, with your audience.

If you use Facebook strictly for personal sharing, you can build stronger online relationships with use of serial storytelling video.

And if your Facebook or other networking site is being used to influence a wider public, for profit or for a favourite cause, you should be using video in ways that makes them want to keep coming back to your Facebook page. That is what Serial Storytelling is designed to do.

What IS Serial Storytelling Video? It is sharing your product, service, or idea as a natural drama, in video installments. We all like a good story, and the essentials of a good story are that it has a beginning, middle, and an end, and we are taken on a suspenseful adventure, which leads from one chapter to another.

Great playwrights, authors, and successful TV producers use Serial Storytelling to keep their audience looking forward to the next scene, to keep them turning the pages, or to keep them turning back in to the next installment. You can do the same by posting your web videos in installments, chapters, or episodes, which take us on a journey.

Serial Video is simply taking your product, service, or idea and making it the ‘hero’ of your story, and giving your audience reason to keep coming back for your next installment or chapter, and to urge others to visit your site.

How It Works

The Journey Think of promoting your product, service, or idea in three chapters, sort of like a three act play. You can include more chapters if you want, but they should play out as part of your ongoing story.

Act One If this were CSI, Act One would introduce a crime. In your case you’ll introduce your product, service, or idea and show us how you thought it up, invented it, or stumbled upon the idea. Tell us what an uphill battle is ahead, and promise to tell us about the drama to come. You have now established your product, service, or idea, given it a dramatic value, and we now have a reason to ‘tune in’ again for the next chapter, which you will automatically send to us a few days later because we have signed up to your mailing list. In the meantime, we are invited to visit other parts of your website where we’ll learn more about what you are promoting. Those other pages are where you’re your promotion or sales copy, or bullet points belong. Keep them away from your three-act play.

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