lawn and leaf vacuum reviews

There are two types to pick from. There is the style that you can attach to your push mower or the tow supporting that attaches to a lawn mower. We picked the tow behind because we have a riding lawn mower, thank God! There are 3 models of the tow behind series.

· The Premier model, which has a 245 gallon capacity along with a 8.00 ft. pounds.

· The Pro version has a 306 gallon capacity and 9.00 ft. pounds.

· The Pro-XL also includes a 306 gallon capacity but includes a 13.74 ft. lbs.

We choose the Pro model as we did not feel like we needed the additional power of this Pro-XL and did not need the extra expense.

To start with of the DR vacuum cleaner is actually easy to attach to a mower. I could actually do that myself! Additionally, it is quite easy to pull, you barely know it’s there. You have the choice of either the pull beginning or the electrical start. We picked the electric start since I have trouble with anything that has a pull start! The DR leaf and lawn vacuum utilizes a patented steel impeller blade that is serrated along with the impeller has a lifetime guarantee. As leaves are attracted into the vacuum impeller, they’re chopped and shredded into a fine mulch with a patented steel impeller blade that’s serrated. This shredding action reduces up to 10 bags of leaves to only 1 bag of mulch. Now you have not only eliminated the leaves from your yard but you have created compost to your vegetable garden or your flower gardens.

Now, let me stop here and give you a little bad information about lawn and leaf vacuum If your leaves are extremely heavy, such as ours, or when they leaves are a very wet, they may get clogged up somewhere in that nozzle from time to time. It is no big deal, you just need to get the mower off and shake the hose to loosen them. Every now and then, you have to disconnect the nozzle and straighten it out to clear it. This is really the only trouble we have with it and it does not occur very frequently. I also find that if I’ll go a little slower, the less trouble I have with all the leaves becoming stuck in the nozzle.

Easy to EmptyRear Panel of DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum
After the leaves pass through the hose, they move into the collection box. The set box is made of super-durable polyethylene that they say will stand up to any sort of weather, and won’t ever crack, tear or rust. The collection box includes two release knobs at the bottom of the rear panel you will screw off and just lift up the back panel about 1/2 inch and then pull it right off the rear. There’s a latch that you just release on the front part of the box, to tilt it and let the leaves pour . You will have to push the mower forward a little to empty all of it. It is very simple to accomplish! I don’t have any complaints here.



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