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All their chairs have a high straight backrest. The chairs have s a flexible back with around 180-degree adjustment, fully flexible arm rests, tilt mechanism, and adjustable height gas spring. These are solid seats weighing in at approximately 70 lbs. Additional advantage: you feel as though you’re sitting in the seat of a high heeled race car. If these chairs do not get your engine started, we do not know what will.

Starting at about $300, and reaching up to about $450+ for the King Series seats , your wallet will definitely take a hit if DXRacer has managed to woo you.


Awesome looking design, fabric looks and feels high quality
Many unique size and design choices, armrests and backrests fit gamers of all sizes
Wonderful reclining feature

Very heavy
Can sense somewhat stiff until broken in
Some versions Aren’t ideal for taller gamers
About DXRacer Chairs

DXRacer Chairs started as a producer of race car seats and eventually expanded into the gambling marketplace. Their devotion to quality, fresh fashions, and ergonomics has been well received by players. They are currently a major player and admired brand in the gambling community. They feature some of the very popular high-end gaming seats used by players worldwide.

If you’re to the competitive gaming scene, you have probably seen their seats at major gaming events such as IEM and Dreamhack. While this one isn’t on everybody’s list, it is certainly a factor for many deliberate shoppers.
Designed for work and play. That is something that DX Racer really emphasizes. Frankly, if its comfortable for 8 hour gaming sessions you can safely bet it’ll be fine for office work as well. The purpose though is they are a proponent of health conscious pc use. In the event that you are spending long hours in your new DX Racer seat your back and extremities will be well taken care of. You have a head pillow, lumbar pillow; full arm restback, height, and chair controls along with full spine support. You are getting your money’s value in terms of ergonomic value.
Designs and fashions. Sure these seats are expensive, however they do provide a few starter models which are a bit more reasonable. The thing to remember is that all these seats are made out of durable high quality materials. You’re going to need to dish out to the less expensive models. Also, if you have a favorite eSports organization you may have the ability to locate a seat with your group’s colours and logo. DXRacer provides more color choices than nearly any other chair maker. If you want a hyphey green they have got that. If you want a passion pink they will gladly provide and won’t pass judgement either. Regardless of what type of game room or theme you’re putting together you can get a seat that matches and is up to par concerning the coolness element.
Reclining feature. These gaming chairs recline! If you’ve put in a solid four hours and need to kick back for a break, no issue.
Fast Reference Guide

There are subtle differences in the types of chairs DX Racer offers.

O-Series: O for Origin. Least costly with mesh, PU leather, arms not flexible.
F-Series: F for Formula. Measure up from Origin with flexible arms.
R-Series: R for Racing. Taller backed version with more attributes. Taller, slim to average user.
K-Series: K for King. Deluxe series,”4D” flexible arms, aluminum base, bigger casters.
S-Series: S for Sentinel. For large and tall users. Do you have giant’s blood ? You better get this one.
13. LEVL Alpha M Gambling Chair
Those interested in an alternative to DXRacer should provide lesser known LEVL that a gander. LEVL has only souped up their new race car and brought it to the paths to take on the likes of DXRacer, Arozzi, and even gang. The LEVL Alpha M Gaming Seat is built like a brick home and contains most the bonus attributes one looks for in a high quality gaming chair.

We’ve got a full review of this chair here, if you are interested.


60 day trial interval free returns
Reclining back rest and ergonomic attributes
Appealing design offered in blue, red, white

Very heavy
Quite pricey
Lesser known manufacturer
14. Clutch Chairz Shift Series Gaming Chairs
Much like LEVL, Clutch is trying to earn a name for themselves in the gaming chair arena. You have a ton of options to select from when it comes to racing style gaming seats It is sensible to look for options where your dollar stretches the furthest. Normally, an excellent racing style gaming chair runs about $300 these days. For about $80 more, the Clutch Shift Alpha collection checks all the boxes and includes a high quality build. The only thing it really lacks is a footrest to match the complete reclining ability. Just how are we supposed to sleep soundly at and remain by our computers round the clock!? One simple (or not so easy) payment of 380 and it’s yours. At any rate, we have obtained a detailed review of this All Black Alpha Edition of this seat you may see in the destination of the very link.


Robust assemble with thick aluminum base
Full recline & zero gravity
Each black version appears clean

Restrictive return policy
Lumbar pillow non quality
No footrest

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