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I don’t think there is any set amount, however I find most customers who have enjoyed a pleasant conversation, or been informed when asked for advice on a great hotel, restaurant or theme park and received Huahin Smile Taxi advice generally tip quite well, sometimes it’s just 1 or 2 dollars, on other cases I have been tipped double the taxi fare itself. On average taxi drivers can have a shift where they only receive 15 dollars worth of tips and in other cases, I have heard of drivers earning well over 80 dollars for their shift.

I never expect a tip for a fare, As long as the customer pays what is on the meter, and I am expected to pay my boss at the end of the shift, I am always happy. It is nice to get tips though, working in the hospitality industry can be long days, sometimes with unhappy customers, people rushing around etc so it is nice to receive tips if you have provided a service with a smile.

Tips are usually given because I have a very clean taxi, I like to keep it this way as well, I consider my taxi a place of business and I am often in my taxi for up to 14 hours for a shift. Having a fresh and clean smelling taxi has no doubt increased my tips and also repeat business. Some of my customers will only travel with me and also tip me very well, friendships are also built with the business men and women who frequently travel in taxis.

So, whether you tip large or small, most drivers I know will repay you with a sincere and honest smile, we do appreciate your tips and your conversations as well, a great taxi driver will always take you the quickest and most direct way, and answer any questions about what is good to do in town or great places to see during your visit.

Privyet! Da! Nyet! Dasvidanya! You’ve decided on a trip to Russia and these are the four words you will learn first in preparation – hello, yes, no, goodbye! Understanding how to get around using the infamous Russian taxi system is a bit more complex.


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